26 x 27 Pellet Smoker

The new 26″ (660mm) x 27″ (700mm) Pellet Smokers (Electric Smoker) has a 3 mm thick wall steel chamber with 3 shelves, the whole design criteria were to have something in a budget model for the deck, balcony or back year yard.  With the capacity to cook at least 6 x 6 kg briskets  (100 people) or 1kg of chicken wings for an afternoon snack with friends in a non-commercial size smoker. This is the day by day smoker you slap your meat in an take life easy.  The pellet smoker is the one if you’re not a hardcore enthusiast.  It’s as easy as to tip some pellets into the hopper, turn on the power,  prep meat and your up and running in less than 10 min

There are different versions of this model from a weld yourself kit to a completed ready to cook version

Starts @ $1700

Pellet Smoker Specifications

  • TYPE:  26″ (660mm) x 27″ (700mm) Pellet Smoker
  • CONSTRUCTION: 2, 3 or 4mm Thick Steel Plate
  • COOKING RACKS: 3 Removable (150mm vertical cooking space )
    • 650mm Deep x 615 Wide mm (2 x Main)
    • 470mm x 615mm (Top)
  • BAFFLE PLATE: 2mm Steel Tuning plates
  • DOOR: Easily lift the lid
  • FRONT SHELF: Removable or Welded (fixed)
  • TEMPERATURE GAUGES: 1 x 50mm & probe holes
  • All with Stainless Steel Cool Touch Heat Resistant Handles
  • WHEELS: 4 x solid steel
  • PAINT: High Temp Paint

Not Sure You Want to Buy a Cooker

Talk to Custom Cookers and Smokers about in house cooking lessons to try cooking with a cooker/smoker to see if it’s for you before you buy!!

Custom Work

Custom Smokers & Cookers can customise the 27″ Pellet Smoker to whatever you need – we can do a custom job normally within a couple of weeks,  Just to about any specification you need, we would prefer to talk and find out what your needs are, to give you the best product. There are many options that give you way more cooking techniques to make it more versatile to use other than just A smoker from many years of using and testing.




26 x 27 Pellet Smoker - Front