24 x 700 Multi Use Crossflow Smoker


Custom Cookers and Smokers were asked to build a smoker that was multi-role, so we incorporated not only the traditional smoker capabilities, it also had the ability to run a Spit and a Pellet Grill as well. This made it way more versatile and with custom 100mm wide wheels 400mm high for soft ground on the farm or weight distribution on the back deck. Also came with full length drop down or removable front shelf

The customer wanted to do low and slow, plus different types of cooking like Pizzas, Spit Roasting and Char Grilling all on the one cooker

With its 3 shelves (150mm height between shelves) to easy fit the big cuts of meat ( It can fit 6 x 6kg Briskets or Pork Butts) or vertical cook ribs in a rib rack to running a spit over a Char Basket in the main chamber or use the main heat box for cooking,  its truly a all in one cooker.

Starts @ $2200 Depending on Options

Not Sure You Want to Buy a Cooker

Talk to Custom Cookers and Smokers about in house cooking lessons to try cooking with a cooker/smoker to see if it’s for you before you buy!!

Smoker Specifications

TYPE: 24in / 700mm Cross Flow Smoker / Pellet Smoker / Spit / Char Cooker

CONSTRUCTION: All 6mm Thick Steel Plate

COOKING RACKS: 3 Removable (150mm vertical cooking space )

  • 650mm x 615mm (2 x Main)
  • 470mm x 615mm (Top)

BAFFLE PLATE: 6mm Steel Tuning plates (which allow a wider range of cooking types)

DOOR: Easily lift the lid – Counter Weighted

FRONT SHELF: Fold Down or Removable

FIREBOX: 500 x 500 FireBox has top loading capabilities with Slide & Dial Vents  Heavy Duty Fire Basket

TEMPERATURE GAUGES: 2 x 50mm (and 3 probe holes with bungs )


HANDLES: All with Stainless Steel Cool Touch Heat Resistant Handles on Cook lid, Chimney and Firebox.

WHEELS: 4 x  Custom Steel Wheels (can add laser cut logos )


  • Main Chamber Heavy Duty Char Basket
  • Fire Box Heavy Duty Fire Basket
  • Pellet Cooker (removable)
  • Spit Bar and Motor with attachments (removable)
  • 4 Laser Cut Heavy Duty Wheels

More photos here 

Custom Work

Custom Smokers & Cookers can customise a Smoker to whatever you need – we can do a custom job normally within a couple of weeks,  Just to about any specification you are looking for, we would prefer to talk and find out what your needs are, to give you the best product. There are many options that give you way more cooking techniques to make it more versatile to use other than just A smoker from many years of using and testing.




Multi Use Crossflow Smoker

  • 24 in All Purpose Smoker 1
  • 24 in All Purpose Smoker
  • 24 in All Purpose Smoker 3